Banish Burnout Blueprint

for Leaders

4 simple steps that will enable you to

get more done during the day,

so you can focus on doing what you love

in the evening

This is for you if ...

  • You're on the verge of burnout and are looking for ways to free up more time to focus on your priorities

  • You're successful at what you do, and as a result you've become the 'go to' person to solve other's problems, but find this frustrating at times

  • You've been where they are, and have solutions that can help your team members, but you're torn between giving them the answers (the 'quickest solution') and getting your own stuff done

But you don't have ...

  • Endless amounts of time to help your team when they're stuck or need a solution to a problem

  • A strategy yet that will give you back some time, and help your team members in the process!

Inside this 4-step blueprint you'll discover how to ...

  • Empower your team to solve their own problems so you don't have to

  • Feel more confident about stepping away from the need to micro-manage

  • Generate more time to be strategic and creative in your role

So that you can ...

  • Break out of the pattern of defaulting to solving (or taking on) other's problems

  • Spend more time at work on your priorities and vision for your team / organisation

  • Have more time in the evenings for doing things you love, whether that's spending quality time with your family, going to the gym, having some quiet time for yourself, longer walks with the dog, and so on

Here's what some of my clients have said about working with me ...

Working with Debbie was a real pleasure.
The impact on my practice has been superb.
It is amazing how she guides you down the right path and uses emotionally intelligent, sensitive questioning to show you that you already have the answers.

Conor Heaven

Middle Leader, Essex

Working with Debbie has been wonderful!
She's helped me identify useful techniques to improve communication between myself and my staff.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Debbie to other Heads.  How often do we as Heads have this valuable quality 1-1 time for ourselves?

Erika Thornhill

Headteacher, Derbyshire

As a result of working with Debbie, I now have a better relationship with staff. There's a more productive atmosphere, and I have gained a wide range of practical ideas to help improve communication with staff, including different ways to resolve their issues.

Chris Skeats

Headteacher, Nottingham

Learn This 4-step Blueprint

so you can free up MORE TIME for your own priorities

whilst ALSO developing your team members

Hi, I'm Debbie Inglis

I help leaders stay in jobs they love, and avoid leaving through burnout.

This comes from first hand experience as a school leader, and learning some hard but valuable lessons about why successful leaders become overwhelmed, and how this can be avoided.

Over the last 18 years, I've shared my skills, knowledge and burnout-prevention strategies with leaders, and seen the transformations they can bring about for themselves and their teams.

Part of my process when working with leaders involves helping them create empowered, confident, solution-focused teams, whilst also retaining great talent, and preventing additional recruitment costs.

I'd love to share some of this with you, and this blueprint provides just one of the techniques I teach leaders, so they can spend less time fire-fighting, and more time being strategic and creative.

Discover How Your Can Free Up More Time For Your Strategic Tasks

AND Create More Time To Do What You Love In The Evenings

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